Brent Holman

Brent Holman
Alexander City AL
10-inch Odyssey reflector/dob mount (upgrading to equ. drive mount)
Special interests:  Open and globular star clusters and planets.

AAS:   Are you a seasoned amateur astronomer or just getting into the hobby?

BH:   Still consider myself a novice.  I've been at star gazing for about 8 years.

AAS:   What was your first experience that attracted you to astronomy?

BH:   My interest started when I began reading The Heavens -- one of the special editions books by the world book encyclopedia .

AAS:   How about your family members; spouse? kids? significant other?

BH:      Wife Deborah, and Son Bryan age 18 graduating high school.

AAS:   Can you tell us a little about your formal education?

BH:    High school, 2yrs, Auburn University 2yrs graduated BS degree(recreational resource managment) 1979.

AAS:   Do you have any pets?

BH:     One cocker-spaniel , one miniature greyhound, and one Persian cat.

AAS:   Where do you work? If you're retired, what was your occupation?

BH:     Russell Corporation Information Services Department.

AAS:   What are your other hobbies?

BH:     Photography

AAS:   What was your first or favorite car?

BH:    First car was a 1960 flatbed truck. No favorite car just one that will go.

AAS:   What was your first "real" job?

BH:     Most interesting job was as a Biologist's Aid at a Wildlife Managment Area (Wolf Creek WMA) located in norht west AL.

AAS:   Tell us about your favorite vacation.

BH:     No real good vacations YET -- still in planning mode.

AAS:   Have you ever lived in some other part of the country or another country?

BH:    No

I consider myself a friend of the AAS, one day in the future a member.  Right now in the proccess of upgrading my telescope
New focusor and drive mount.