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Rhon had a call from Melissa Snider, Camp Education Programs Manager, with Space Camp in Huntsville.  She explained that she and her team would be at the school in Notasulga for three days, and wanted to know if we could loan them a telescope for the students there, for some telescopic viewing.  Rhon suggested the AAS 12.5-inch loaner scope.  Melissa is a member of the Von Braun Astronomical Society and is knowledgeable about telescopes.  Rhon emphasized that the scope was large and heavy, but Melissa said they would have help setting it up, and that they could handle the telescope.  Rhon made arrangements for them to pick up the 12.5-inch at the W.A. Gayle planetarium on Wednesday afternoon, October 13, and return it the following Friday afternoon.  

Rhon and Joyce drove over from Auburn and I met them at the planetarium to help load the telescope.  Planetarium director, Rick Evans, also loaned them the planetariumís 8-inch SCT as well.  Here is Melissaís note that she sent after they had arrived back in Huntsville:

From: "Snider, Melissa" <MELISSAS@SPACECAMP.COM>

Rhon, Joyce, Russell, Rick:
Thank you so much for your hospitality and helpfulness! The attached pictures will show how much the Notasulga students and community appreciated the opportunity to view the Moon and Jupiter through your telescope. 

I have higher-res versions available if you need them. Most of the pictures should be fine to redistribute via websites, brochures etc. If any picture shows an easily identifiable view of a child, we would need to check with the school to get permission before publishing.

I also included pictures of the rest of our weeklong project. You were a part of a life-changing experience for these 100 students and all their families!

Thanks again and we will have a small token of our appreciation headed your way, either in the mail or in the van on our December trip.

Melissa Snider
Camp Education Programs Manager
ofc 256-721-7212
cell 256-684-9036

All photos courtsey of Melissa Snider