Opelika Middle School

And, on Thursday, December 14, 2000, Auburn Astronomical Sociery members made their scopes available for the science classes at Opelika Middle School.  Participating were:  Rhon & Joyce Jenkins, 18-inch reflector; Rick and Justin Allen, 8-inch reflector; Alan Cook & Susie Jensen, 10-inch SCT; John Clifton, 8-inch SCT, your editor with the 11-inch SCT, and David Newton.  Joe Harrington of Opelika was also there and has been added to our mail list.

High humidity and dew point proved to be quite a test for the optics heaters for those who had them, but students and teachers alike were able to see the planets and the Moon  many for the first time.  Thanks to Rhon Jenkins for coordinating this event and to Michele Matin, science teacher at OMS, for having us.