Mary Olive Thomas Demonstration Forest
Star Gaze

On Saturday, May 14 2005, AAS members Rhon & Joyce Jenkins, Mike Holley, Russell Whigham, Allen & Christy Screws, Dave McConnell, Eddie Kirkland met at the Mary Olive Thomas Demonstration Forest for what we’ll either call a “return engagement” or a “make up for a rain date”.    Last November the weather did us in.  This time, it threatened to do the same, but we wound up the evening just before the clouds rolled in. 

Margaret Holler estimated that around 50 the members of her forest preserve group were in attendance for the star gaze.   We shared views of the near first quarter Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn with out hosts.  

As should be expected with all of the hi-tech gear we have, we did have one minor problem when Eddie’s primary instrument transport system suffered a catastrophic chemical-to-electrical energy conversion unit failure.  Fortunately, Eddie only lives a few miles from the site, so his wife brought her SUV for him to use.

Thanks to event coordinator, Rhon Jenkins, for his work to make this happen.  

Sunset at the pavilion
Mike Holley, Joyce & Rhon Jenkins
Allen Screws with the AAS 8-inch Dob Early arrivals setting up the telescopes

Rhon briefing the group as darkness falls