Mary Olive Thomas Demonstration Forest
April, 2009

Forest Ecology Preserve Star Gaze
April, 2009
    On Saturday, April 25, AAS members and friends gathered at the Mary Olive Thomas Demonstration Forest for our spring, 2009, Forest Ecology Preserve stargaze.  Following Jennifer Lolley’s presentation at the pavilion, the guests came out to view through the telescopes.  Volunteering their time and telescopes were:
      • Rhon and Joyce Jenkins
      • Jennifer Lolley
      • Russell Whigham, C-11 SCT, 
      • Frank Ward, 12-inch Lightbridge Dobsonian 
      • Alan Cook Meade, 10-inch SCT 
      • Elliot Errera, AAS 8-inch Dobsonian
      • William Baugh, 120mm rich field refractor
      • Mike Holley, CPC1100 SCT
      • Ray Kunert, Meade 5” LXD75 go-to refractor
      • Eddie Kirkland 16-inch Dobsonian 
      • Mark Pratt, 15x70 Fujinon binoculars
      • Denise,  Jim, Stoeckel and daughter, 4.5-inch reflector
      • Heather Tassin
      • Aniket Shirgaokar

    Despite the fact that the sky was not completely dark at the beginning, and that we had a veil of cirrus clouds most of the evening, the guests seemed to enjoy the variety of views of Saturn through such a diverse group of telescope designs.  Thanks to all who participated.

    Alan Cook, Meade 10-inch SCT

Eddie Kirkland, 16-inch Dobsonian

William Baugh, 120mm f/5 reftactor

Under the Pavilion

Mike Holley, CPC1100 SCT

Elliot Errera, AAS's 8-inch Dobsonian

Ray Kunert and Elliot Errera