Eastwood Christian School Star Party

On Monday, October 22, 2001:  Robert Rock, with his Meade ETX 90; Jim McLaughlin, with his 8-inch Meade LX-200; and Russell Whigham and the C-11; assembled at Eastwood Christian School, in Montgomery to give a star party on the school grounds of the school for the fifth grade students.  While waiting for dark we began with views of the six-day-old Moon, followed by views of Mars, and, Alberio.  Special thanks to Robert for coordinating the event with ECS science teacher, Teresa Johnson.

Friday September 19, 2003:
Robert Rock, Rau Kunert, Russell Whigham .Ira and Jennifer Hostetter, in souther Macon County

Teresa Johnson 277-9212 contact for Eastwood Presbyterian School
Sandy Wallace Principle 272-8195 0r 279-7630 home
Toby Center 265-0493  5th grade
Ann Bode 514-6211 8th grade