Alabama Nature Center

Solar System Stroll

Chad Ellington scheduled a Solar System Stroll at the Alabama Nature Center on Sunday March 18th from 1-5pm.  Here's a synopsis of what Chad planned: 

  • 1 kilometer scale model of our Solar System. 
  • Borrow a guidebook on where to find various planets/ spacecraft around the trail system of the Alabama Nature Center. 
  • Hands-on activities under/near the pavilion include: sorting Solar System images, sorting the Earth/Moon historical timeline, constructing a pocket Solar System, solar telescope viewing, making an origami wrist sundial and making/launching stomp rockets.
Below is the link to the guidebook to give you an idea of what he did. He also had several laminated versions of this on hand for borrowing as well as a few copies for public 'consumption'. 


Chad worked with Rebecca Bearden at Alabama Nature Center on this. She wants to add more outdoor education programs to the Wildlife Center's repertoire so I'm trying to have this developed into a detailed package so she can run it with Auburn Astronomical Society in the future. 


ALNatureCenter.kmz  (Google Earth image showing where objects will be found. )

Frank Ward assisted the visitors with the AAS PST Solar Scope, and Russell helped with Chad's visible light filtered 90mm Maksutov.  Also on hand were C.J. Butterbaugh, Rick Evans and family, and long time friend of AAS, Michael Crouse.

Chad is a natural teacher and was great with the kids.  Thanks, Chad!