Auburn Astronomical Society

Cliff Hill Farm Site

Located within easy driving distance for most of our members, the Cliff Hill Farm site is only about a dozen miles south of Auburn and is easy Interstate driving most of the way for the Montgomery area and west Georgia observers.  The skies are quite dark -- especially to the south.  The site has excellent eastern and western horizons.  Special thanks to the property  owner, Cliff Hill, for unselfishly allowing us to share his unspoiled night sky.

Use this link to acquire satellite, comet, and Iridium flare predictions for   Cliff Hill's Farm (Little Texas AL)  and this one to check the sky conditions: Clear Sky Chart

Directions From Montgomery
  • Take I-85 to exit 42 and take a right onto Alabama Highway 186, (the connector to US 80).
  • Proceed on Highway 186 for about 4 miles through the Tuskegee National Forest.
  • As it merges with US 80 at the US 29 intersection you'll go under the overpass.
  • Stay on US 80 East.  You'll see a flashing caution light at the top of the next hill about a mile away.
  • There is a power substation on the right just before this intersection. 
  • Turn right (south) .... this is Macon County road 69. 
  • You'll be on a slight uphill grade until you pass the Little Texas water tower on the right. 
  • The road then begins a gentle downhill grade.  You'll see Cliff's airstrip on the left.
  • Take the gravel road, Myhand Road, on the left.  (It's approximately 3/4 mile from the caution light.)
  • Proceed down the gravel road that runs parallel to the airstrip, for about 0.3 mile. 
  • You will come to mailbox on the left with "Hill" on it and an opening in the fence. 
  • Follow the sandy drive as it curves back toward the aircraft hangar.
  • As you near the hangar, STOP, LOOK and LISTENfor aircraft on a final approach. When you're sure it's safe to cross, proceed across the runway, and park across from the windsock. 

From Auburn or points east: 

I-85 exit 51 is your best bet.  Go south on US 29 (toward Tuskegee) to the US 80 intersection, then turn left (east) on US 80 for about a mile  (following all the folks who've gotten lost trying to follow these directions from Montgomery).