Awesome Free Astro Software

(Thanks to Sue Rose of the New York Amateur Astronomers for this list)

3D Solar System
Interactive 3D simulator in which, via a virtual video camera, the planets 
of the solar system and their satellites can be observed, and basic 
scientific data displayed.

3D Space Tour screensavers
Animated 3D screensavers with cosmic scenes. Photo-realistic and 
scientifically correct graphics.

Image generator that simulates a wide variety of distorsions, such as coma, 
astigmatism, atmospheric turbulence, spherical aberration, etc.

Adastra FreeStar
Accessible free planetarium with multiple viewplanes, accurate reports, live 
orbital tracking, and astronomical dictionary.

Astra Image
Image processing for astronomical images.

Astro IIDC
Astronomy and Microscopy oriented application developed from the ground up 
to make FireWire camera imaging easier on the Mac.

Astro Timer PPC
Pocket PC Software designed for recording the timings of lunar grazings, 
ocultations, transits, meteor showers and any other astronomical observation 
that needs a record of the date and time to the nearest 10th of a second.

Calculates the position of planets and give their appearance.

Allows you to study how astronomical objects move and interact under the 
force of gravity.

Front end to Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) internet repository of astronomical 

Manage astronomical images and catalogs, allow robotic observations, 
astrometry and photometry.

Software for doing astrometry of asteoroid and comets.

Astronomy Calculator
Provides sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and lunar phase information for 
any location on Earth. Converts the measured values for the stars and 

Observation planning and logging with telescope control.

Astronomical imaging programs especially designed for webcams.

A program with a flexible and professional format for combining astronomical 
images and extrcting them from video.

ATC Advancede Telescope Control
Telescope control and automated supernovae search.

FITS Image Viewers and Format Converters. The software packages display or 
manipulate the relatively simple class of FITS data files that containing 
2-dimensional images, often of celestial objects in the night sky.

Binary Stars
Free astronomical software for Macintosh computers, complete with manuals, 
teaching binary star concepts, for classroom or personal use.

Blink Comparator
Program to visualise a series of images in succession. Useful for detecting 
changes, such as movement, between one image and the next, such as that 
expected for comets and asteroids.

A basic but effective planetarium that allows remote telescope control and 
the locating of both solar system and deep sky objects. Compatible with the 
principal stellar catalogues (UCAC2, UCAC3, USNO etc). Allows the overlay of 
your own images or those downloaded from the PSS.

Image processing program specific to astronomical images that supports FITS, 
Bitmap and JPEG formats.

Cartes du ciel
Free sky atlas for windows that provides access to catalogs and photographs 
(Sky charts in english).

A scientifically accurate 3D space simulation (uses OpenGL), contains 3D 
positions of everything from stars to asteroids and artifical satellites 
(also a large amount of expansion addons are available).

Minor planet astrometry software.

Deep sky astronomy software for star charts with 25 million stars and 1.25 
million deep sky objects.

Colorful, easy-to-use planetarium program.

Deep Sky Database
Online resource for building customized observing lists.

Deep Sky Stacker
Freeware for astrophotographers that simplifies all the steps of combining 
images taken with CCD or DSLR cameras by automatically combining light, 
dark, bias and flat frames. Images can be saved in a variety of formats for 
subsequent editing, including fits. Available in several languages.

Freeware designed to control Canon DSLR Cameras by Serial Port (RS-232).

Desktop Lunar Calendar
Simple, fun and easy to use calendar. It is accurate anywhere in the world.

Digital Universe
Atlas for 3D visualisation of Galactic and extragalactic objects.

Distant Suns
Planetarium program that allows you to input the orbital parameters of any 

Dome View
Complete program for the observation of lunar domes.

Professional level, stand alone application for the visualisation of fits 
format files. Supports binary tables, multiple frame buffers, colour maps, 
masaicing, blinking and much more.

DSLR shutter
Utility to control the "B" shutter setting of digital SLR cameras. Exposure 
time, number of images and delay between one image and the next can all be 
set. Available for Windows and Mac.

Star charting (planetarium software), 3D solar system, and animations.

Freeware to calculate all the lunar and solar eclipses visible from a given 

Eclipsing Binary Simulator
Visualise the orbit and synthetic light curve of binary star systems.

Calculates the position, rise times, and set times of the Sun, Moon, 
Planets, Stars; Solar and Lunar Eclipses (with maps generation).

Encyclopedia Galactica
Planetarium software, explore the moon features, 3D solar system.

13 different filters for organizing deep sky objects and many controls to 
adjust the sky display, can run your astro-imaging webcam, has SBIG camera 
support, and will control your telescope with voice commands.

Find Orb
Determines the orbital parameters of solar system bodies, such as asteroids, 
comets or satellites, from astrometric observations.

Program to calculate the atmospheric trajectory and orbit of meteoroids.

Graphical tool for viewing and editing fits files. Easy to use and very 
light in terms of disk space.

Uses OpenGL to simulate star fields, planet trails, sun lighting, gravity 
wells, and much more

Gravity 3D
Simulates the gravitational interaction between galaxies in collision.

Gravity Simulator
Celestial mechanics simulator that uses numerical integration to create 
dynamical models of celestial bodies.

Complete Star Charting software.

Guide Dog
Stand alone software for autoguiding with a webcam. Controls various mounts 
via the ASCOM platform. Works with Windows XP and earlier.

Hallo Northern Sky
Planetarium complete with SAO, PPM and Tycho-2 catalogues. Supports the 
import of external catalogues and can control ASCOM compatible telescope 

Suite of three programs for calculating the geometrical and physical 
parameters of sunspots.

Astronomy, space, and satellite tracking package.

INFO-MAC Science and Math
MoonClock, Moon Tool, NightSky, Planet, StarAtlas, MacAstro, MAIA, etc.

Professional data analysis software.

Complete program for the reduction and analysis of astronomical images.

Calculates and displays the positions of Jupiter's four main (Galilean) 

JupView PPC
The positions of Jupiter's satellites, Great Red Spot and a map of Jupiter's 

Includes video-capturing, autoguiding, frame aligning and stacking and 
simple post-processing.

L.O.W. Lunar Occultation Workbench
Computes predictions of occultations by the Moon of the planets and stars.

Graphically displays the current phase of the moon and much more.

Mars MOLA Viewer
View the actual terrain of Mars, at any point on the surface, as a 
fly-through real-time 3D rendering.

Maxclock 3.1
High-precision clock, displays sidereal and solar times, equation of time, 
Julian dates, Delta-T, aequatorial and ecliptic coordinates of sun and moon.

Meteor Observation Log
Log is designed around a 3 hour observation session with the capablity to 
record up to 20 meteors an hour.

An astronomical image processing program that works with FITS and GIF files.

Minor Planet Observer
MPO Connection and Canopus.

Modern Optical Design and Analysis Software.

Shows moon phase on desktop plus other info.

Proper motion simulation, simulates star positions in the future and past.

MPL3D Solar System
Explore the solar sytem and thousands of real extrasolar objects in a 3D 
interactive simulation of the close universe.

NASA World Wind
Freeware by NASA to monitor earthquakes, floods, seaquakes and other natural 
events all over the world.

Night & Day
Calculates Sunrise and set times for any location on Earth.

Produces a single A4 sheet monthly calendar telling the user when it gets 
dark, when the Moon rises and sets and what the Moon should look like when 
it does make an appearance.

Open Universe
Real time 3D simulator of the solar system.

Comprehensive optical design software

Orbit Explorer
Physics educational software for high school and college students and 

Flight simulator that takes the user beyond the terrestrial atmosphere.

OrbitViewer is an interactive applet that displays the orbit of small bodies 
(comets or asteroids) in the solar system in 3D.

Satellite tracking software for visual observers and radio amateurs.

Period analysis software for variable stars.

A vector engine-based planetarium, with USNO2 support, real images 'melt' 
into the background, 3D graphics for solar system bodies.

PHD guiding
Freeware autoguiding software. Carries out automatic axis calibrationonce 
the guide star is selected. Available for Windows and Mac.

PIXY system 2
Automated astronomical image examination system.

Free tool for drawing celestial chars in resolution-independent format 

A modular, open-architecture, portable image processing platform available 
on Linux/UNIX and MS Windows.

Displays star charts and other astronomical data on Palmtops.

Planetary, Lunar, and Stellar Visibility
Program that generates a 3-colour diagram showing when a planet, star or the 
Moon are visible from a given point on the Earth.

Pocket Stars PDA
A star chart, ephemeris, and Celestial Navigation calculator for the Pocket 

Excellent application for registering, summing and reducing images of the 
Sun, Moon and planets.

RSI New Moon
Easy-to-use educational software for middle school through college. 3D views 
of the Moon's phases, the Solar System, and more.

RTGUI: Windows Real-Time Interactive Astronomy Software
Controls most 'goto' telescopes, rapidly locate planets, deep-sky objects, 
and bright stars from catalogs.

Satellite Tracking Software
Real Time Tracking of an Unlimited Number of Satellites, for many types of 
telescopes including the full line of Celestron, Meade, Astro-Physics, etc.

Scope Calculator
Calculates and compares the magnification, field of view, and exit pupil of 
up to 7 eyepieces when used with a specific telescope.

Little application for mobile phones showing sky maps. Works on almost all 
new generation mobile phones except "blackberry".

Solar System Simulator with Moon Phase display & Galilean Moons of Jupiter 

Sky Atlas
A program for anyone that wants to know how to identify constellations and 
other space objects: stars, galaxies, nebulas, planets.

Sky Charts
Program that produces personalised star charts. The database contains 16 
star catalogues and asteroids, comets and planets can also be inserted.

Planetarium software with telescope control features.

A real time visual space simulation with ephemeris

Professional astronomy planetarium & star mapping program for Windows 
9x/ME/NT/2000/XP with plugin support.

OpenGL star chart with photo-realistic views of 110,000 stars, 110 messiers 
and all the planets.

A software planetarium, a virtual space-ship, an three dimensional star 
chart, and more.

Astronomy Simulation Software.

Complete planetarium for realistic 3D visualisation of the celestial sphere 
as it would appear to the naked eye, through binoculars or a telescope.

Stig's Sky Calendar
Program that generates ephemerides in graphical form, implemented in a 
simple planetarium.

Sun and Moon Almanac
Graphical Sun and Moon Almanac.

Designed to allow you to quickly and easy design and plan the most popular 

Swiss Ephemeris Info
High precision ephemeris.

TachyonNET for PocketPC
A complete astronomical package for serious amateurs. It includes Meade 
Telescope Control.

Terra et Caelum
Visualiser for terrestrial and celestial physical phenomena such as 
earthquakes, terrestrial rotation, the Doppler effect, expansion of the 
Universe, precession, nutation, lunar motion, cyclones etc. etc.

The Nine Planets
A collection of information, images, scientific and historical notes on the 
planets of the solar system.

Telescope pointing analysis software.

Tria Image Processing
The Tria program enables fast and effective deconvolution and blind 
deconvolution, image math, and image registration. Version 2.0 provides 
faster processing, improved display, and unique image analysis tools.

Database che contiene un rilevante numero di informazioni su tutti gli 
oggetti di Messier. Ottimo supporto per coloro che desiderano trovare nel 
cielo gli oggetti del celebre catalogo.

Uniview is a realtime 3D computer graphics platform for astronomy- and 
Earth-based sciences, used by leading planetariums like Hayden (New York) 
and Gates (Denver).

Plug-in per Stellarium (in realtà dal link si scarica tutto il software, 
compreso Stellarium stesso) che permette di navigare i dati dell'archivio 
ESO (spettri e immagini).

Virtual Moon Atlas
Excellent program for the exploration and study of the lunar surface.

VITO AstroNavigator
GPS application that displays sky map above you accordingly to your current 
position, time and direction of movement.

VRMars-Spirit - The Red Planet Mars 3D
Virtual Reality Astronomy Software presenting the Mars Exploration Rover 
Spirit Mission, powered by the VRPresents technology. It gives the feel of 
being on the surface of Mars.

Program for the reduction of digital astronomical images.

Where is M13?
Program to locate deep space objects with respect to our galaxy. Provides a 
lot of information for the objects in its database.

Freeware for the reduction of images of the Sun, Moon and planets. Very rich 
in mathematical functions, including the possibility of producing real 
surface maps on which calculations can be performed.
Planetarium, showing you the appearance of the sky, as seen from anywhere on 
Earth, for any date.

Star-charting, sky-simulating, ephemeris-generating software

Yale Observatory iMAge Manipulation Application

Zubot Suite
This is a group of programs which allow you to align, rotate, stack, and 
enhance astronomy pictures.

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