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July 2013

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Events Calendar

We’ll hold our monthly meeting on Friday, July 12, at 7:45PM, in room 215 of Davis Hall, the Aerospace Engineering Building.  Our new moon star party this month was rained out this past weekend.
Jul 12, Monthly meeting at 7:45pm in room 215 of Davis Hall
Jul 24 – 27, Astronomical League Convention in Atlanta
Aug 02, August meeting, 7:45pm in room 215 of Davis Hall
Aug 10, Persied/Stargaze with the Lee Co. Historical Society in Loachapoka
Aug 12-13, Persied meteor shower – best midnight-dawn
Oct 12, Tuskegee Airmen stargaze 
Nov 23, Forest Preserve fall stargaze

Public Stargazes

Lee County Historical Society
From: Teresa Paglione 
Subject: Perseid Viewing
Hi - I was recently elected to the Board of the Lee County Historical Society (LCHS) - --we are the ones on the north side of Hwy 14 during the Loachapoka Syrup Sop.... About 6 miles from Auburn.

Anyhow, I am also president of the local archeology chapter; last year after having a few problems meeting monthly on campus, we switched to meeting at Loachapoka at the LCHS Trade Center building.  Upon leaving after our meetings I have often noticed how dark it is 'out there'...  ( a mere 6 miles from town)

I mentioned to the Pres. of the LCHS last Sunday that maybe we could have a star-gazing event at the complex one nite - or maybe just invite people to bring lawn chairs to watch the meteor showers - .  We have a large grassy ridge and hilltop and almost a full view of the horizon for 360 degrees....

Anyhow - we (LCHS) are wondering if the Astronomy Club or members might consider joining us one evening as a public event --maybe talking about the stars and constellations - or the moon one weekend....  I think it would be great for both sets of memberships. And we could most likely get the mayor of Loachapoka to support a little advertising -- he is on our Board.

A few of us discussed maybe having an informal viewing for the Perseids in August.   It would be hard to charge guests for access since they could just as easily sit in the park across the street, but perhaps if we had a speaker or telescopes for viewing... A very minimum charge - if at all - just to get a different set of people - for both of us. Or we could be selling drinks.... Not really a money -making affair as much as a "come out and see who we are" event....

I see where one of your members, VP Alan Screws is from Loachapoka....  Maybe LCHS and the Astronomy Club can benefit from a  partnership - you have a dark sky at our place and we learn a little more about the night sky --  and we both enjoy an evening outside--after- hours!

Please contact me if you are interested.

Thank you!


Allen Screws has offered to coordinate this event.  Please let Allen know if you can help with this.  Allen wrote:

I met and talked with Teresa about 30 mins. at the historical society building(the reddish building next to the P.O.).  There is a pretty good observing site right behind the building. She would like to have a star party/meteor observing session on the Perseid night or as near to it as weather permits.  She also mentioned that the site might be avialable for club use.  She is checking with the historical society for final plans.  I will try to remember to e-mail her this week for any updates.  I mentioned that you and possibly others might be able to help out.  I also pointed out the best meteor observing would be in the early a.m. hours.


Allen will have the details at our meeting.  We also have the Tuskegee Airmen Stargaze scheduled for October 12th  and our Forest Preserve fall stargaze is set for November 23rd

Web Links

From John Zachry:  NASA's Cassini spacecraft, now exploring Saturn, will take a picture of our home planet from a distance of hundreds of millions of miles on July 19. NASA is inviting the public to help acknowledge the historic interplanetary portrait as it is being taken.

From Rick Pastorett: If you can get beyond the accent, this is a cool 17 minute video of the 3D near-sky universe in a form which you may not have seen before. 


Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.  It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go. <>
From: Dale M <>
Subject: [sct-user] ISS solar transit composite image
I took a video of the ISS transiting the sun from my backyard in Clinton Twp. MI on 6/19/13 at 5:22PM, The transit was all of 1 second long so I decided to try to make a composite from that video!
This is my first real shot at making a composite image so I hope you all like

 I have been trying to get a solar transit from my backyard for 3 yrs now and EVERYTIME I get within a few hours the orbit shifts just a bit and NO MORE solar transit for me!  Well the same thing happened this time except that I went to check about an hour before it was to happen and the orbit was back on track for me to see it!  Needless to say I had a very very short time to setup and get all my equipment ready and with about ten minutes to spare I had everything set to go.  Here is my image.  

Member News

From: Rodger Morrison
I am not sure if anyone would be interested or not, but I am now selling some of my astrophotography as works of art.  I created an online art gallery at  Folks can buy my works there also, and pick out frames, etc.
Also, the magazine “East Alabama Living” recently ran an article that featured a number of my photos, but I don’t have a copy of it to show.  If anyone in the Auburn/East Alabama area can get a copy of it, that would be great.
(all visible on the website). 

There will only be 100 total prints each astrophoto (regardless of size – only 100 total prints).  Each photo is numbered on the back, and an additional numbering label is included on the back paper of framed copies as well.  Included with each print, regardless of whether or not it is framed, will be a signed certificate of authenticity (also numbered), that includes the technical details of the imaging session, the target, and some other information (what I typically include in my mailing list).  Tentative pricing is as follows (for these and any other of my photos):
5 x 7  Print only: $10, Professionally matted and framed: $30
11x14 Print only: $15, Professionally matted and framed: $45
16x20 Print only: $25, Professionally matted and framed: $75
20x30 Print only: $50, Professionally matted and framed: $150

Also, the magazine “East Alabama Living” recently ran an article that featured a number of my photos, but I don’t have a copy of it to show.  If anyone in the Auburn/East Alabama area can get a copy of it, that would be great.
(all visible on the website <>). 


Hope to see everyone at the meeting,