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August, 2001

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Astronomical League Observing Programs  

August Meetings
This monthís meeting will be on Friday August 3, at 8:00 PM in room 215 of the Aerospace Engineering Building on the Auburn University campus.

This monthís star party will be on The weekend of August 17/18 at Cliff Hillís farm.  Weíll shoot for Friday if itís clear with Saturday as the clear weather back-up date.  This arrangement seems to be working well for us.

July Meetings
For those of you who couldnít be there, hereís what you missed:  Alan Cook gave a riveting slide presentation of the astronomical aspects of  his recent trip to Europe which included numerous variations of sundials, armillaries and extraordinarily complex mechanical clocks.  This was an excellent program.  But then, Alan shared his designs that he had submitted several years ago for the memorial to astronauts who lost their lives in the American space program.  The consensus was Alan should have won the competition.  Apparently the jury thought that there was too much for the ordinary visitor to absorb.  Itís a shame.

Overcast skies gave way to patches of blue sky late on the Saturday evening of our July star party at Cliff Hillís farm.  Attending were:  John Williams, Mark Pratt, Ricky Wood, Scott Thompson, Dave Burnett, Alan & Max Cook, Susie Jensen, and Russell Whigham.  Alas, Mars was a disappointment as dust shrouded all detail except for the northern polar cap.  Perhaps the highlight of the evening was comet Linear A2.  Despite having faded substantially from itís former glory, and finding it while still low in the sky was somewhat of a challenge, it was nice to say hello to this itinerant member of our solar system.  John was taking photos using his barn door camera mount.  

Regional Star Parties

Peach State Star Gaze, September 13-16, Indian Springs State Park, Jackson GA. 
Registrations for the 250 available spaces are going fast.  Sky Atlas 2000 author, Wil Tirion, will be the keynote speaker.  

Deep South Regional Star Gaze, October 17-21, Percy Quin State Park 
This will be the 19th year of DSRSG Ė it just keeps getting better.  

See the AAS ďField TripsĒ pages for representative samples from past regional star parties.

Scope for Sale
Reduced Price

FOR SALE: Meade 90mm Refractor Astronomical Telescope 
LOCATION: Opelika, AL 
PRICE: (Originally, the retail price for it was $500, but I purchased it on sale for $400.)  Was asking $300; Now: $199 (or best offer, including baby furniture :-). The tripod itself is probably worth about $75-$100, so $199 seems to be a good price for both.  I'm willing to negotiate, however (I'm in the market for a wide-angle, low power eye-piece for my ETX.) 
Specifications of  Meade Model 90mm-EQ:  Supplied complete with 90mm (3.5") multi-coated objective lens and aluminum optical tube assembly (D = 90mm, F = 1000mm, f/11); rack-and-pinion focuser; equatorial mounting with dual worm-gear slow-motion controls; setting circles; latitude control with scale; full-length, variable-height aluminum tripod with accessory shelf; 6 x 30 mm viewfinder; diagonal mirror; MA 25mm (40X), 12mm (83X), 4mm (250X) eyepieces (0.965"); 2X Barlow; instructions.

See some more pictures of the scope at  

This scope is about three years old, and has only been used in the field a few times since I have another scope that I use more often. It is in almost new condition and is in the original box and packaging material. 

If you are interested, please contact Richard F. Feuerriegel via e-mail at the following address:  

Astronomical League Observing Programs
The American Association of Amateur Astronomers

The Astronomical League provides a wide range of observing programs for the amateur astronomer, ranging from beginner to highly experienced. 

As a member society of the Astronomical League, the American Association of Amateur Astronomers is pleased to make these programs available in Adobe PDF format for FREE download from the AAAA website. 

Manuals for programs which we do not distribute may be purchased directly online from Astronomical League Sales at 

You may find the complete list of these programs and instructions for certification on the AAAA website at 

Clear Skies and Good Observing! 

Ed Flaspoehler 
American Association of Amateur Astronomers 


Messier Club - 
70 object and 110 object levels for the telescope. 
Buy from AL Sales 

Binocular Messier Club - 
50 of the best Messier objects for binoculars.   

Deep Sky Binocular Club - 
60 additional deep sky objects for binoculars.   

Southern Skies Binocular Club - 
50 of the finest objects in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Herschel Club - 
400 deep sky objects for the telescope. 
Buy from AL Sales 

Herschel II Club - 
400 more challenge deep-sky objects for the telescope. 
Buy from AL Sales 

Double Star Club - 
100 of the finest double & multiple stars in the heavens.   

Lunar Club - 
100 features on the moon for naked eye, binoculars, and telescope.   

Meteor Club - 
observe a series of meteor showers, and record your observations for ALPO. 
Buy from AL Sales 

Sunspotters Club - 
observe and study sunspots and their cycles. 
Buy from AL Sales 

Arp Peculiar Galaxy Club - 
CCD image or observe 100 Arp galaxies.   

Urban Club - 
observe 100 objects in heavily light-polluted areas.   

Asteroid Club - 
learn to identify and observe asteroids and minor planets. 

Universe Sampler - 
a journey through the universe for the beginner. 
Buy from AL Sales 

Planetary Club - 
27 selected projects to introduce the pleasures of planetary observing.   

AAAA Observing Log - 
Record essential information during your observing session. 10 objects per

AAAA Observation Log and Sketch Template - Make drawings at the eyepiece. 1 object per page.

Hope to see everyone at the meeting,