Auburn Astronomical Society E-Newsletter
January, 2001

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January Meetings Membership Reminder Christmas Eclipse For Sale
Head School Star Gaze Opelika Middle School Member News  

January Meetings

The first meeting of the new millennium will be on Friday, January 5, at 8:00 PM in room 215 of the Aerospace Engineering Building.  Montgomery car-poolers should meet at my house (518 Seminole Dr.) and be ready to head for Auburn at 7:00 PM.  If Santa brings you any new astro-toys, bring them to the meeting for a “Show & Tell”.

This month’s star party will be on Saturday, January 20.  Location to be announced.

Membership Dues Reminder

Memberships for 2001 are due this month.  If you haven’t already renewed, you’ll need to send $15.00 for Regular Membership or $7.50 for Full-Time Students to:

Mr.  John B. Zachry, Secretary/Treasurer
Auburn Astronomical Society
501 Summerfield Road
West Point GA 31833
Make checks payable to:  Auburn Astronomical Society.  You can save the postage and bring your dues to the meeting.  For questions about your dues or membership status, contact John at

Christmas Eclipse

First Contact  9:51am 
Maximum Eclipse    11:21am     (42% obstruction)
Last Contact  12:54pm 

If you don’t have optical quality a solar filter, you should enjoy the eclipse on the Web or on television. AAS’s own Mark Brown (W. A. Gayle specialist) was quoted by the Montgomery Advertiser as an authority for observing the event.

For Sale

For Sale:  Sony MVC-FD91 Mavica Digital Camera with:

  • 800,000 pixcel sensor for 1024X768 images
  • 14X zoom lens with image stabilization
  • Flexible metering and exposure control
  • MPEG movie recording mode

Contact Connie Lane 

Head School Star Gaze

On the evening of Tuesday, December 5, AAS gave a star party for the Thomas Head Elementary School, in Montgomery.  Representing the society were:  Jack McDaniel 4.5-inch reflector; Tom and Julie McGowan, 8-inch reflector; Joe Champion, 4.5-inch reflector; Mark Brown, 8-inch SCT; and your editor, 11-inch SCT.  One again clear skies prevailed for the students, teachers, and parents as we observed Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon.  Special thanks to Tom McGowan for coordinating the event and Susan Mallett, principal for extending the invitation.

Opelika Middle School

And, on Thursday, December 14, society members made their scopes available for the science classes at Opelika Middle School.  Participating were:  Rhon & Joyce Jenkins, 18-inch reflector; Rick and Justin Allen, 8-inch reflector; Alan Cook & Susie Jensen, 10-inch SCT; John Clifton, 8-inch SCT, your editor with the 11-inch SCT, and David NewtonJoe Harrington  of Opelika was also there and has been added to our mail list.

High humidity and dew point proved to be quite a test for the optics heaters for those who had them, but students and teachers alike were able to see the planets and the Moon – many for the first time.  Thanks to Rhon Jenkins for coordinating this event and to Michele Matin, science teacher at OMS, for having us.

Member News

Larry Owsley  ran into former AAS member, now Auburn City Council Member, Rod Popwell .  Rod has asked the he be added to our mail list.  We look forward to having Rod active with us again soon.

Charles Boyd has a new e-mail address: 

Rick Allen, in the proud new owner of an 8-inch reflector and writes that he’s now looking at Celestron’s 9.25-inch Maksutov.

Hope to see everyone at the meeting,