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Comet Pan-Starrs image submissions and reports from AAS members and friends March 2013

Robert Fuller, I wasn't able to "fix" all the trash in the picture.  I really wasn't in a good spot, but as you said, it was rather cold last night.  I am hoping to get a better shot later without so much LP. 

John Howard, from Childersburg

Scott Thompson now lives in Auburn.  Scott wrote:  My images here:  I intend to get with it and start joining in on some of the activities soon since now things seem to be calming down with the job here on campus and the house and etc.. etc.

Sky & Telescope's finder chart

Scott A Cook posted in Auburn Astronomical Society  (Facebook) Mar 12, 2013 
WE SAW IT! Went out to see if we could find PANSTARRS tonight. Couldn't see it with the naked eye but found it with my 10x50 binoculars & got a REALLY good view of it with my 20x80's! It was really neat to see the difference between the comet's tail & the nucleus! 

Frank Ward, 12 Mar 2013 
As predicted, the Panstarr comet is on course. I glimpsed it tonight just a few degrees south and a little higher than the sliver of the moon. It's tail was small but that was to be expected considering it's trajectory.Could not see it without my 10x50 binoculars. I saw the comet from the front parking lot at Aldersgate UMC on Vaughn road about 7:20 tonight. My son's Scout troup meets there.It was just above St James school campus.  Very exciting!

David T. King, Jr. 13 Mar 2013
The comet is visible from Auburn.  Here are some photos we took tonight.

Here is a movie of the images we made tonight (3-13-13) at about one minute intervals between 7:48 and 7:57 PM CDT.  Can see the comet going down below the trees in the last two frames.  CLICK HERE

JoeChampion, March 13, 2013 As seen from the Wetumpka YMCA Wetumpka, Alabama

Lauvone Turner, March 13, 2013, as seen from the Wetumpka YMCA Wetumpka, Alabama

Russell Whigham March 13, 2013

See my best effort to image below.  The comet is just above the tree line and below the Moon.  You may be able to make out the tail.

Johnny Bergmann, 14 Mar 2013

Rodger Morrison:

Also see more of Rodger's astroimages at: